Fundamental steps for brand creation

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Understanding branding

Branding is a term that counts every day with a greater presence in the online environment. The following points will give you a more concrete vision of what this concept implies:

“Branding is the process of creating a brand in which those values ​​are defined with which we want the public to associate our organization. These differentiating elements contribute to offer a complete and relevant brand experience that must be maintained over time. ”

It is important to emphasise that this process not only involves the creation of the brand but the management of the communication of it.

Types of branding

This discipline of online marketing has different variables so it is convenient to know them in depth to select the most appropriate to our business. The different types of branding are:

Personal Branding : Surely you’ve heard of “bloggers” or “instagramers”. Both are a perfect example of personal branding. The idea is based on the fact that they have been able to sell a lifestyle that their millions of followers pursue through the publication of photographs and videos in their social network profiles. In these images they show their “followers” garments of different brands. Although this concept is closely associated with the fashion sector or the travel sector, it has a place in any area or business. Personal branding is defined as the process by which a person creates his brand, that is, he tries to introduce himself as an influential person in a sector.

Corporate branding: This is the modality that applies to any company or business. It involves the creation and management of the brand.

Employer marketing : This modality could be defined as brand management for employees of a company (both current and future, that is, those that apply to jobs in the organisation). Nowadays anyone can access information about the company they want to work on through comments from other workers, forums, etc. It could be said that this process includes the management of the opinion of the employees of a company and that it seeks to convert them into prescribers of the same.

The rise of online stores was a great opportunity for all those entrepreneurs with a solid business idea. The costs of an ecommerce are negligibly lower than those of maintaining a physical business and with a small effort in online marketing or advertising they could stand out against their competition and find a profitable market niche.

Today, the increase of ecommerce and online stores has made the competition is such that it is essential to find a differentiation .

Some of the trends in the online environment that can help you boost your business are SEO positioning, SEM, etc. However, it does not make much sense to carry out this type of action, if we have not defined a value proposal, that is, if we do not have a solid and perfectly defined and consolidated brand .

Brand is a term we use daily, however, sometimes we are not aware of the breadth of this concept.

The most important aspect that we may not have in mind is that it is the communicative element par excellence of an organization. Therefore, the brand does not only include the visual aspects: every detail communicates. Therefore, in the process of creating a brand , both the tangible and intangible aspects of it must be perfectly defined.

In this article we will deal in depth with the concept of branding, the different types that exist, the fundamental steps for brand creation and mailing as a tool or resource to enhance it. We start?

Steps for the creation of a brand

Definition of objectives

Prior to the design of the logo or the selection of corporate colors, an action plan must be established in which objectives are defined, that is, what we are going to pursue through these actions. What do we want to achieve through a branding strategy?

Some of the objectives that can help you achieve are:

  • Define a value proposition : In this process we seek to establish and define what differentiates us from the competition, the brand experience we want to offer our clients.
  • Generate brand visibility : This is the ultimate goal of any branding strategy, achieving a certain notoriety or brand positioning.
  • Brand control and opinion management: This process seeks to establish guidelines for business communication, for online reputation crisis management, etc.
  • Achieve transmit brand values and that the public associates us with them.
  • Humanize the brand : Find aspects with which the client can feel identified that we can strengthen.
  • Generate engagement : Create a community or group of followers loyal to the brand that interact with it.

Market study

Before carrying out any action it is important to carry out an analysis of the brand, the sector of its competitors and the target public. In this process we can find a way to stand out and differentiate ourselves from our competitors: the differentiating elements mentioned above.

Definition of the target audience

Define our “buyer person”, that is, imagine our ideal potential client, their tastes and preferences, their buying patterns, behavior, etc. You can help us know how we can meet your needs . On the other hand, through this study we will find the orientation for our future marketing actions.

Definition of corporate identity

The corporate identity of a brand is the concept or intangible image that the public has about an organisation. Sometimes this concept tends to be confused with the visual identity, but this also refers to the set of emotions, sensations and values ​​that an organisation wants to transmit and that therefore customers or the public perceive. In this process, mission, vision and values ​​must be defined.

Visual identity design

In this phase you must select the trade name of the brand (naming) and define the visual elements such as logo, typography, corporate colors, etc.

Email marketing campaigns to strengthen our branding

Once we have defined our brand, we can reinforce it as mentioned above with various online marketing actions. In the following points I talk about email marketing since it is a inexpensive tool that can bring many benefits.

What is email marketing?

Email is an important communication channel through which we can generate brand visibility. It is, therefore, a fundamental resource for branding since it can help us manage communication with our public.

If you are not very familiar with this term, email marketing is defined as the sending of mass emails to a specific group of subscribers in order to convey a message whether it is informative or commercial.

Email marketing trends to boost your brand

The following trends are very versatile and easy to adapt to any brand and company. In addition, they will help you optimize your campaigns and generate brand visibility.

Use “Flat design”

This is one of the trends that got more presence last year and that is here to stay. It is characterized by using a clear and direct aesthetic: no artifice, no bright colors. It does not use printed or ornate fonts. The texts in this type of emails must be short since they try to give a greater presence to the visual content. You can find millions of resources that suit your needs in one of the best free image banks that exist as Pixabay or Freepik. Therefore, to apply this trend use striking visual resources that attract the attention of your subscribers.

Perform A / B test

There is no valid technique for any business or company. For this reason, email marketing is such a valuable tool, since it allows us to test. Through email tests we can find out which is better received by our audience. Design a basic mail to which you can make small modifications such as:

  • Subject : Try sending the same email to different groups of subscribers with different issues.
  • Images : Change the images to see which ones are more striking or which help you to meet the previously set objectives.
  • Schedule : Carry out shipping tests at different times and with different dates. This way you can know at what time your audience is more active.

Humanize the brand

The idea is to achieve mailings that show the most human side of the organization or company . In addition to keeping you updated about the new articles that we publish in the blog or the various news of the sector, it is convenient to make a shipment that goes out of the ordinary . Make communications that surprise your subscribers and do not consider repetitive.

For example, you can send a massive mailing including curiosities such as there has been a new incorporation in the company, reflections, advice, images of the team, etc.

This allows you to strengthen links and even generate engagement among your subscribers.

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