10 best banks of free images for your website

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The best banks of free images

1. Unsplash, free high-resolution photos

Away from conventional image banks, there is Unsplash . This platform is characterised by offering more than 500,000 free high-resolution photographs taken by a large community of photographers around the world who offer them free of charge. You can use them for commercial and noncommercial purposes. You do not need to ask permission from or provide credit to the photographer or Unsplash, although it is appreciated when possible.

The photos are organised by various themes. In turn, the platform that calls itself as a bank of “beautiful photographs” offers collections curated by large organisations and companies such as Nasa, Apple or Trello.

2. Pixabay, royalty free images and videos

This is another of the most used image banks among content publishers, with more than 1.4 million images and videos.  Pixabay is a community of creators who share images and videos free of copyright since they are published under Creative Commons Zero (CC0). This fact guarantees that any user who accesses the image bank can use the photo without asking permission or remunerating the person who took it. And they can even be used in projects for commercial purposes. The photographs of this bank of images can be copied, modified, distributed and used in blogs, web pages or social networks.

3. Freepik, photos and free vectors

Freepik is a Spanish platform that offers free graphic content of great quality. In it you can find exclusive illustrations and graphic resources selected by a design team. This image bank can be used both in personal projects and in business and commercial web pages. However, this free image bank requires naming the author in the place where the resource is used.

And if you want to go a step further, Freepik offers a monthly subscription with which you can enjoy all the content (since there are certain images and vectors that only premium users can use).

4. Pexels – all photos are free for personal and commercial purposes

This platform offers high quality photos and videos under the Creative Commons Zero license (CC0). In addition to the usual search engine, all photographs are labeled in a logical way that facilitates the search. Pexels allows you to search for photos in “black and white” or by the predominant color.

stock images

5. Vecteezy, bank of vector images

This platform is presented as the world’s largest vector graphics community. Vecteezy has thousands of graphics created by artists, although not all are free download and have different licenses. The standard Vecteezy licence requires you to credit Vecteezy.com.

Image bank Find a Photo

6. FindA.Photo, images without copyright

FindA.Photo has a bank opf just over 10,000 images that presents a peculiarity. In addition to finding photographs by searching for a concept or keyword – for example, “cats” or “dogs” – you can access photographs categorised according to the predominant tonalities and colours. In addition, FindA.Photo also have a professional labelling and well done, aspect that fails in other banks of images. Most of the photos are free of right and can be used for any purpose. However, it is advisable to always check that the image is downloaded, in case the copyright is different.

7. Freeimages – all free for personal and commercial use

A pretty complete image bank, but from personal use, a lot of the images are actually premium stock and requires you to download from iStock by Getty Images.

8. Splitshire, free stock photos for commercial use

Another bank of images created by a photographer who wanted to give some use to his photographs accumulated for at least ten years. High quality images, well focused and that are perfect to illustrate articles or certain aspects of a web page. Splitshire has 18 categories, although there is not a large number of files in each of them. Therefore, this bank of images may be scarce on many occasions.


9. Gratisography – Quirky, Creative, Always Free Photos

This image bank is owned by American photographer Ryan McGuire and stands out thanks to the careful aesthetics and focus of the images. This collection of images is very varied and very diverse, but the intention of the photographer is always to give the possibility of creating any creative and interesting projects. The images of Gratispgraphy are of high resolution are organised in six categories.

10. Skitterphoto, photographs from around the world

Created by two young Dutch photographers in 2014, Skitterphoto is a bank of free images of very good quality. Although there is not a great variety, it is worth looking at since it is not usually well known and the options are original.

Photographs have the power to impact people and are a necessary in any multimedia support, such as this web page. In fact, I challenge you to find a website that has no images among its content.

It is very important to take them into account when creating and maintaining a website. It is useless having the best articles if you do not add any quality images to them. On some occasions, it will be necessary to resort to free image banks in order to complete all the blanks. In this article you will find a current selection with the best image banks of the entire network.

Tips when using stock images

The use of images and free graphic content is a very useful resource for anyone who has a website and wants to invest the least amount of money possible. As I said before, hiring a photographer requires a considerable investment. However, it is not advisable to constantly resort to stock photographs if you want to show closeness and accuracy to your customers.

In any case, when using free image banks it is advisable to take into account a series of aspects:

  • Edit the photograph. As you already know, Google blocks duplicate content and it is very easy to find another website that uses that same free photo. Thus, it is recommended that you pass the image through an editor before publishing it.
  • Review the license. Some image banks mix photographs with different licenses. It is important to check what the conditions are before downloading the image and publishing it on the web. In addition, the author’s work may have to be repaid.
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